Why are 4x4 vehicles only driven by people who have all day to go somewhere?


can high end cars like porche's be rented? from where?

well you know what they say big car little d**k if you get what i mean ;)

I want to buy a 2005 BMW off ebay, is it safe?

'Cause we're cool!

is there a segway of boise? if so what is the contact info?

People who own 4x4 vehicles have small ...

investment in public transport?

this is not always true,,some people have to have one,,because of where they live,,especially when the weather is bad,, but not all of us drive slow,,i drive mine like a normal vehicle,,but some people do take their time,,that's why we were all given patience,,because this is when we need it the most,,good luck hope this help,s

Do the electric superchargers on ebay actually add or reduce HP?

they are dingy. i have 2 4wd trucks, they are for the dirt, i have a 2 wd truck and 2 cars, they are for the road.

Does anybody like the Mazda Rx-8?

You're jealous, aren't you?

How diffifcult is it to get a key made from a VIN # only?

such generalizations are false since the 4x4 is a utility vehicle used by many companies as well as individuals for specific reasons, not just to drive around in.

What is the best material to use on rims?

Sorry, that kind of doesnt make sense. I own a 4X4 because i live in Maine. It snows alot.

what are top car companies in the world?

I drive a 4X4 and I drive it at the speed limit - because it's the law ,and because it saves on fuel .
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