Who is better to learn to drive with the AA or BSM??


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i wouldn't choose either not sure about AA but BSM but apparently not all instructors are fully qualified something to do with the colour of the badge they have displayed in the windscreen relates to the instructors qualification level ( that is what my instructor told me 16 yrs ago not sure if it still the case) i would use a local instructor that has a high pass rate normally word of mouth is best

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by the way i did start my lessons with bsm when i was 17 i paid for 10 lessons up front it was horrible i felt distressed after my lessons the instructor was horrible and very impatient and i knew myself i was rubbish at driving and they still put me up for my test i think they just rush you through the course too quickly to increase their records of having the quickest rate to put people in for tests

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neither bcos both charge alot more than standard driving schools.

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Neither. Go with an independant instructor. Don't go with a company, they rip you off.

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I wouldn't go near BSM. On the day of my test, I had three hours with BSM. The instructor kept making me pull over and then he'd disappear for 10 mins and when he came back he was stinking of peppermint.
After I took the test (I passed), I wasn't allowed to drive the BSM car so he drove me home. He was pissed out of his head by that stage, drove the wrong way round a roundabout and was swerving all over the place.
I was shaking and crying by the end of it - he wouldn't let me get out.
It turned out later that he had been sacked from his previous BSM job for drinking but the BSM office which then took him on had no idea of his history.

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It will depend a lot on whether you can learn from the instructor so book a couple of lessons with each school to start with. Ask whether you will always get the same instructor for each lesson too as a friend of mine found that she was dumped on anyone who was free because she couldn't book a regular lesson.

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go with someone independant, they are cheaper and also large driving companys sometimes take up 3 people at a time, and i wouldnt want other people watching me learn to drive! good luck
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