Which is the world's fastest car?

any type of car


what color do you see most in cars?

Worlds fastest street legal cars up to date are


McLaren F1
231 Mph top speed
0-60 3.2 sec

What in an automobile engine serves no purpose but without it the engine does not work?

Bugatti EB110
212 Mph top speed
0-60 3.5 sec

Will a 4 barrel get better gas mi than a 2 barrel?

Jaguar XJ220
208 Mph top speed Worlds fastest production road car
0-60 3.8 sec

What metal are most stock car rims made of?

The Barabus TKR is supposedly the fastest car.060in1.67sec.Is that really possible?

Can your car's cigarette lighter short circuit?

I think I remember a car by VW costs 7 mill to build but sold for less than half that. Specs/descriptions were way up there.
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