98 Dodge caravan 2.4, engine rpm too high at start-up?

When the vehicle is started in the morning, especially when it is cold, the engine rpm's are excessively high. I replaced the throttle position sensor, but that didnot help. Is there a procedure to adjust the computer program. I have a OBDII tester, but the manuals both dodge and OBDII say nothing about how it is done.


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This is perfectly normal if after the vehicle warms up it then returns to its' normal idle.This is done to warm up the engine in cold weather.The coolant sensor measures the coolants temp and at a certain temp.It tells the ECM Electronic Control Module to make the air/fuel mixture and timing to run at normal idle.The old carburated types had something similar.You had to first step on the accelerator pedal all the way which then set the high idle cam and choke for cold starts.Once the engine warmed up some.You would 'kick it down' by stepping on the accelerator pedal about halfway and then off quickly.The high idle cam would reposition itself and the engine would run at idle as the choke opened by way of a thermostat.

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not the same .
had that problem with 88 ford ranger . by the book (repair manual) loosen neg. batt. cable .after Eng is warm ,while running disconnect cable for couple of seconds ,each time until idle is appropriate .
newer books have less info than used too .

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