Who else thought that SeaLand trucks were carrying fish to Sea World?

I always thought, "Gee, what a nice thing" when I saw Sea Land trucks on the highway. I thought it sure was cool how they didn't have water spilling out the edges, even on curves, and how on earth did they make the water in the truck circulate?

What is your favorite exotic car?

I know, you're thinking brainless idiot, right? No, I'm just another one of those frightfully intelligent folks who lack common sense. I was recently told they are just a regular transportation company ... no connection to bringing the animals to Sea World. Ah, there goes Shamu in the SeaLand truck ....


Does anyone know where I can find a picture of a 1980s or 1990s Prowler, like the one in "Fargo"?

You may be on your own with this one, besides Shamus' not a Seal... Seal-and -trucks

Turn engine around for reverse?

Nope not me..
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