| am registered disabled have the blue badge,what is the procedure for going into congestion charge area.?


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Check it out carefully - Westminster Council and their warders - sorry, wardens - are all baskets and I don't even think they'll accept the blue badge, and as for glorious little kenny (no cap K, he's not worth it!) - he's not much better, so take good precautions about finding out where you stand (drive/park!) before entering the war zone - sorry - congestion zone ! ! !

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Of course, apart from that, London's quite pleasant at this time of year ! ! !)

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Must another country than the USA, so what is a congestion charge area? Never heard of this

Why do Canadians drive on the right hand side of the road?

I never heard of it either...

The bus is always better than the plane, wouldn't you agree?

Everyone has to pay the congestion charge even disabled drivers, if you want to use the charge area you must pay sorry.

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Blue Badge holders are eligible for a 100% discount and must register with the Transport for London (TfL) first (with a registration fee of £10)

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Individuals or institutions that have a Blue Badge can apply for the 100% discount from Congestion Charging. This applies to Blue Badge holders throughout the
European Union.

Why do all peugeots look exactly the same from the front?

You do not need to own a vehicle or drive a vehicle to register for the discount. You may however, register up to two vehicles
on this form that you would normally use to travel in to Central London. This could be your vehicle, or a vehicle that you
regularly travel in. If a vehicle that you have nominated
travels into the Congestion Charging zone for purposes other than assisting the Blue Badge holder, the standard daily
Congestion Charge must be paid.

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Once you have received a discount approval letter you can drive into the Congestion Charge zone without having to
pay the standard daily charge.

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The form is here:-

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Should we buy roof-rack crossbars from the dealer or elsewhere?

do you have a vehicle that is exempt from road fund licence?
If so then ,you , as I understand it, just drive in !

Why are some police cars black and some white?

not sure! go to your local transport office to find out you may be able to get a pass/ permit which you may have to pay a small fee
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