Which is better MIVEC or VTEC?


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If you mean the technologies in general, they are about the same. However, as VTEC has been around since 1989, that has been several versions since, and there are at least two versions of MIVEC. So you have to name which version vs. which version (or at least, what year).

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Currently VTEC is more efficient at higher RPMs, and latest VTEC has continuous control, not just limited to 2 profiles. So advantage goes to VTEC.

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there are a lot of VTEC engines now a days, if you're talking about the first VTEC engine, I will choose the MIVEC as the better one regardless of fuel economy. MIVEC is faster and more powerful but not as efficient as the old VTEC

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comparing the VTEC 3 and the MIVEC, it is just the same... Mitsubishi Motors Corporation just copied it.

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so it's up to you to choose between the original and the good replica.
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