Who's more annoying, Nissan Micra drivers or 4x4' drivers?


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4x4 drivers, because if they knock you down or your involved in an accident with a 4 x4 you are more likely to be killed as these vehicles don't have crumple zone as they are designed as off road vehicle and don't have to comply with the rules covering car design. Many of the people driving 4x4' do so because they feel safe, however, most don't know, or perhaps it's a case of "I'm all right Jack" that if they happen to be in an accident with a car or knock someone they are more likely to kill, that if they were driving a car

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I always find young lads driving corsa's much worse!

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I'd say Nissan Micra drivers. Generalising I know, but many of these individuals wear flat caps and are hesitant and doddery. To me, this is more dangerous than the confidence and sometimes arrogance of the 'I own the road- get out of the way' 4x4 driver! And more annoying because you don't often get stuck behind the 4x4ers! Although there's not much in it, at least you can predict the actions of the latter.

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oh god micras! im so glad someone else has noticed them.. i thought it was just me!! cretins the lot of them..

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Both are really annoying but I come across more and more Micra drivers doing stupid things on the roads these days

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Nissan Micras with L plates are the worst!!
At least the 4x4 drivers move!

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Micra by far!

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4x4 drivers I say.....They think they are king of the road. Seriously it's not normal for something that big to crash into something and come out only with a scratch. While the other poor sods car is a total write off.

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it's a close run thing but round where i live it's got to be the 4 by 4's.
they can't see, can't drive and only ever have 1 snotty little kid in the back,
you can't see round them and they don''t seem to have indicators so you never know what they are going to do!!

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i agree that micra drivers are a pain as well though, and they always seem to be old!!

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I Feel That Nissan Micra Drivers Are Really Annoying, Trying To Zip Here & There Across The Roads....

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i am a 4x4 driver and i am very annoying.


4x4 they think they own the roads, and they are too bloody wide.

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I think Micra drivers - but then I drive a 4x4 - with the need for all the seats for my 4 lovely children, dog & wife.

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I could of course have two micra's to cart us all around, use even more space up on the road and pollute the world up even more.

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I've been irritated by more Micras than 4x4s. Micras are often the choice of the blue rinse brigade, who'll drive slower than what is necessary and simply dither around.

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What a silly question. There are good and bad drivers of ALL makes and types of cars. I drive a 4X4, but when it's in for a service the courtesy car is a Micra, and I drive equally badly in both, and what's more I don't care!

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Definitely 4x4 drivers,I don't mean the people who actually need them for work,I mean the ordinary driver who couldn't or wouldn't know how to drive them as for some who say they are safer they are only safer for user, not other road users.

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4x4s are more annoying. Micras are small and usually driven slowly, so it's very easy to overtake them.
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