A question about U-Hauls??

We are moving from Mississippi to Texas.If you rent a u-haul in one state to another----when you turn it in, can you take it to any u-haul place or do they designate a certain place to return it?


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U-Haul has an "in-town" price and a "one-way" price. In-town meaning that you are returning the rented vehicle to the original place you rented it. One-way meaning you are turning it in where ever you are going. You can return any U-Haul vehicle to any autorized U-Haul dealer.

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Any u-haul place is fine.

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Anyplace, but call ahead to make sure they have the room to store it. Most of the U-haul places are locally owned franchises, and as such a lot of them do not have a bunch of room to store large vehicles. I have used U-yank on several occasions while I was still in the military

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Any U Haul agency will accept it.

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Ask them when you make the reservation. You can choose (at reservation time) which location you want to return it to, though the rate might be slightly different.

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U-haul often allows after-hours drop off, but don't do that unless the location knows it's coming.

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Also when planning your trip, plan for 45-mph travel. Seriously. You cannot travel regular car speeds in either a truck or towing a trailer. (a friend just rented a trailer and found that at 55 mph, the trailer fishtailed all over the place... bad loading perhaps, but just as likely a poorly maintained trailer.)

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You can typically turn the UHAUL into the nearest UHAUL Rental yard where you move to. They aren't going to designate a particular place for you to turn in the vehicle, but they can usually tell you the closest location of one in the area you are moving to.

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Note: Get the insurance. Its worth the little extra money.

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i just rented a u-haul a few months ago for a 1 way move. they give you an 800 number that you call and they tell you what location in your area to return it to.
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