Anyone else learning to drive feel how i feel?

Its like i thought setting off and driving would be really hard, and i was so chuffed when i could do it, i though "ooh this is easy", but now ive had about 13 hours the hard bit is really here, and i just cant visualise myself driving. manouvers arnt really the problem, i can drive on the main roads and stuff, and sometimes i do really well,but then i'll do something stupid, like stall when im slowing down, and i totally lose my head. i just cant imagine being at test standard, let alone driving by myself. is this normal, i just wanna drive now, and im so impaitient!


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I hated driving when i first started, thinking about lane placements signals speed where im headed for watching everyone trying to overtake. etc.
But once youve been doing it a while and are confident in your ability you'll find you do all those things without any thought. I had problems stalling cars right up to my first test ( which i failed). I was so gutted I stopped driving for almost two years. When I went for it again, I was more confident and passed with no minor faults at all.
I now drive fleet vehicles as a mobile engineer, that means I drive a different car every week and do over 40k miles a year easy. I do that without a seconds thought, something id never think was possible when I first started, and since my test 5 years ago now, I think ive stalled a car possibly 3 times, and never had an accident ( a few close ones though)

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Just take your time ignore the impatient drivers around you hassling, and take in what your doing, everyone had to learn once.

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Oh and on one of my first lessons i went straight over a roundabout, not one of those little mini white ones either, i'm talking about a huge one with grass, flower beds and decorations. The getting on it was a bit of an accident, but trying to get off it wasn't fun, no one wants to giveway to the learner trying to get off the grass.

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you'll get there, dont worry. It just takes practice.

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i've almost had about 40 hours!! And my instrcutor only just told me to book my test.took long such a slow learner - but even now i still stall and make stupid mistakes on the road like not give way when im meant to to other drivers.nope, i dont see myself passing at all!
And i dread to imagine what it will be like on the day of the test! Argh...oh time - dont worry, if i can manage it, anyone can! LOL!

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i went through exactly the same thing when i was learning... i thought i was doing really well, then all of a sudden i started to make stupid mistakes... all u can do is stick with it - things will start getting better again - honestly ! like anything worth while, it takes time and practise, so keep trying, and i'm sure u will be driving around in no time at all ! good luck. x

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Yes it's notrmal to have good and bad days

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Dont worry about it too much, I was in the same boat as you when i was learning to drive, I made loads of stupid mistakes even on the hour lesson before my test for example nearly getting hit by a lorry on a round about just before i turned into the test centre. You will get there it is a bit scary the first time you drive on your own but it does get better and then you will feel great that you have the freedom of driving. I have been driving for 11 years now and still i stall the car not very often but it still happens!
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