Who can put lamborghini doors in my car? Is there someone around Massachusetts who would do it?

I have a 2004 BMW 330CI Convertible and I would LOOOVE to put lamborghini doors on it because I think it would look soo cool! Do you know who could put them? Or where I could find someone who would do it because I'm not techinical...how can I make my dream come true?? LOL


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i would go to a repitable paint and body shop. there is some modifications that they have to do to the inside of the fender. it will cost more for them to do it but they are in that type of bussiness they are in, is body modifications.

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I know a few places in Massachusetts that will install the Lamborghini doors for you. Here's the listings:

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411 Lynnway
Lynn, MA. 01905

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(781) 598-1770
Contact Name: Peter

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Performance Parts Installation

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219 Quincy Ave.
Quincy, MA. 02169

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(617) 471-8282
Contact Names: Louis, Mike or Kay

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356 Shrewsbury St.
Worcester, MA. 01604

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