Any tips or advice on driving an automatic car?

just started driving. pretty scary! lol. m really nervous while driving too. plz give any tips or advice that u have. thanx


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To merge, always have your mirrors adjusted and learn to use them and most importantly, ALWAYS accelerate when merging...

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just pay attention all the time. i've been driving for a year and it was never that bad.

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keep your head on a swivel so other cars can't sneak up when your not looking

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Don't worry about the car, except to see what speed you are going. The other stuff has to do with what's around you, brake when needed, turn signals, look both ways twice, etc. Just learn how to drive, don't worry about the car.

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Turn your head and look to see your blind spots - do not rely on the side mirrors. If you have the opportunity, say at home if you have the space, slowly drive next to another family owned car, using the same distance that you would while on the road with two lanes going each way, and watch when the car goes out of your view - you can't see it in the mirror, and you can't see it in the corner of your eye.

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There are some excelent blind spot mirrors - rectangles that are pretty high on one side, and go down sharper than the round ones would, but even with those you should still turn your head to check your blind spot. I have had it where there were two white vehicles in the fast lane going by me, and I could see one in each mirror so it seemed like there was only one - I had to double check by turning my head to verify that there was indeed two vehicles coming in the fast lane.

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just relax, thats the best way to drive better i was scared my first few days too. the best tip is to be quick and decisive once you make a decision do it dont hesitate becuase then you get in an accident.

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As far as the transmission goes, just be sure to stop completely before shifting to reverse or park, and from those back to drive as well. As far as driving tips, I'd strongly recommend a defensive driving class. It will help you mentally, especially in anticipating what the other drivers may do. It also may give a discount on insurance, which is always a plus. Other than that...keep eyes on road and stay off phone!!! No joke, my daughter totalled my brand new truck because she was dialing on her cell phone..flipped three times over 4 lanes and a median...scary stuff...thank god her seat belt was careful!

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Get blindspot mirrors to put on each of your side mirrors. They are lifesavers believe me! If you are still having trouble, look over your shoulder real quick to see if there is a car coming.

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i can give you a hundred driving tips,being a trucker ok.but the best tip i can give you is for your merging question. when getting on a freeway or changing lanes DON'T RELY ON MIRRORS. turn your head around and LOOK. that is what will tell you the truth, mirrors are for tricks and slight of hand ok. turn, look, merge, you'll live longer.

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You made a wise decision learning in a automatic first, it makes the process easier, so don't worry about the transmission as there are only a few circumstances in which manually overriding the gear will be necessary.

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As for worrying about colliding with other vehicles, the best piece of advice I can offer is that you shouldn't stress, just keep a level head and follow the system of car control below, which is comprised of five phases.

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>> Information - take information in by looking in your mirrors, checking your blind spot and listening - for sirens, tyres screeching and other vehicles accelerating as it will help you recognise any potential hazards. Use this information to formulate a plan and remember to give information to others in plenty of time through the use of lights, indicators, vehicular speed and your position on the road.

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>> Position - make sure you select a suitable position on the road which isn't too close to parked cars or oncoming traffic. Also, try to stay at least two seconds behind the vehicle in front of you.

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>> Speed - it's usually a good idea to stick to the speed limit, but only where circumstances allow, for instance, if the roads and wet or windy, it's often good practice to drive a bit slower as it will allow more time for you to react if things go awry. Remember to brake in plenty of time for any given hazard, such as a slow vehicle, traffic lights or stop sign.

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>> Gears - since you're driving an automatic, this is more or less irrelevant.

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>> Acceleration - after you have passed the hazard, accelerate to a suitable speed and try to keep the car at a nice steady speed - this improves stability and decreases fuel costs.
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