Are car inspection services ever open on Sunday?

I need to get my car inspected, but it's already too late today.


Permit question...?

AS a former seller of the Emissions Inspection Machine, you can only get the inspection for emissions on days the DOT is opened, as the ranges go from the machine at the garage goes from there to the State offices to verify your gas emissions to say yea or nay for your inspection.

Car rental damage?

So please do not get upset with your gas station, but at your state regulators for any delay. Also, the state you are in makes a big difference. IF you do not need the test with the machine, you may get the inspection anytime.

Flying Cars??

This, I am 100% sure of.

Why Do We Need Tax Discs?

not usually

Will my hunk o'junk be accepted by a big car dealership as a trade-in?

i don't think so.. i'm in the same boat.. guess i'll wait till monday and hit the backroads this weekend

How can i get discounts on rental cars?


If you could, would you participate in the cannonball run?

could be in the State you're located.

We own a car dealership and we get cars that have window chalk on them? WHat product can I use to take it off?

But WAIT! OMG...we have no idea which State you're in...

Parallel parking?

Are you talking the government car inspectors? Because they aren't but if it's a private enterprise authorized to do the inspections then, yes, sometimes they are. It depends on what state you're in.
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