Anyone pull a trailer with a VW Jetta TDI automatic?

Looking to move from WI to WA, and was wondering if I could pull a trailer (expanded relatively light). I'm guessing total load of 700 - 800 lbs.


Could you help me check is that legal to drive with Ontario Driver Licence in LA.?

Shouldnt be a problem

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The transmission's in those cars aren't the greatest, if you'll be going up a lot of steep hills I'd say not to do it, if you can avoid any serious climbs you might be ok. The car has the torque, it just will be REAL hard on your transmission, especially if you try and stay going fast up hills, if you dont force the car to go fast it'd be better, if the trailer really weighs under 1000 pounds LOADED and you arent packing a ton of crap in the car too you'll probably be ok.

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a transmission cooler sounds good
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