Any other 15yr old out there who doesnt want to drive??

ok, i got my permit and went through drivers ed. i drove maybe 3 times before driver's ed, which was in october, and i haven't driven since. not only can i NOT drive, but i just dont really want to. i know i should and its VERY useful right now but, i just dont wanna. plus we have a van and a big ol truck. i drove way better in the driver's ed car. am i alone?? does anyone have advice to help me??


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If you can not drive please stay the heck of the streets. Last thing drivers need is a 15 year old driving that cant. Thats how accidents happen! so please stay off until you feel comfortable driving. Use the school bus. Get a ride from friends anything! get a job and save up to buy a car for when you can drive.

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Find a big, empty parking lot, and have your parents go with you to practice maneuvering the larger vehicles. You will find that you will get used to it. Practice is the only thing that will make it better. Once you can drive a large vehicle, everything else is easy!
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