Acceleration question on a auto shift car?

I have driven stick shift cars all my life. I recently bought a automatic shift 07 Camry. I am having hard time understanding the gas paddling. If I keep my feet on the gas paddle for long time, the RPM reaches 5000, which is too high. What is the exact technique to drive a auto shift car. With a stick shift the control is in your hand to change the gear. With the auto I am at the mercy of RPM to shift or I need to adjust my feet pressure on the paddle for the RPM to be at 2000 or min (ideal). Please help.


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Don't second guess the car!

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Just apply steady amount of gas, ease in and ease out. You are applying your manual gear habits to automatics, and it's NOT working!

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So... learn to drive calmly, and don't second-guess the car. Let transmission do its own work. Just concentrate on throttle and brakes, and steer.

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The transmission knows when to shift, depending on speed, throttle, RPM, and all that. As long as it didn't hit the red line it's NOT too high.

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dont put your foot into the throttle so much ,ease it along

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The automatic should be doing all that, unless it needs adjustment.

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First, manual transmissions rule (as you have probably decided already.)

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Then, your question doesn't give me a lot to work with, but if you accelerate hard the shift points will be later. To give you an example (not necessarily accurate mph - it's been a while since I've driven a car with an automatic transmission, and each car is geared different so it will vary), but say you are accelerating lightly, the car might shift at 30 mph, whereas if you have the pedal to the floor it might not shift until 45 mph. And rpms will be in relation to what gear vs. what speed, like with a stick.'s like downshifting to get on the freeway - rpms go up so that you get into the power band. The automatic tranny does that for you.

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As for the ideal rpm, that varies by car and the way it is geared - same principal whether it is a manual or automatic. My car runs 2500 at 55 or 60 mph, whereas my husbands car runs 1900 or 2000 at 60mph.

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Sounds to me like your still in 1st gear? Put the transmision in "D" for will do the rest for you.
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