4x4 Gurus, can you help me out?

I have a '78 GMC K5 Blazer removable hardtop parts truck. Any info on what transfer case or front axle it has? NP205? Could it have a Dana axle?
And is it possible to rotate the transfer case on the mounting flange to get a better driveshaft angle, or does it have to be level to function properly?
Also (last one) would it screw up the transfer case if I run full power to the front axle only (basically disconnect the rear driveshaft)?
Weird questions, I know, but any help would be greatly appreciated.


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if the tranfercase shifter is round [looks like round bar] its gear drive if it looks like flat bar its chain drive [ in a 78 most likely] tranfer case is braced to frame would involve alot of work to rotate on the flange, may not be possible. to get a better angle make or get wedges for front axle to help correct angle of drive shaft try to keep the angle 10 degrees or less so the ujoints don't bind. if it has a dana 44 you would be lucky, if memory serves me right the dana 44 had a 3rd member punkin. and the other style had an inspection cover that was on the front. i am not positive about this though.

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It is probably a 203 case and if you run it with just the front shaft, you'll have to put it in lock and if you keep beating the crap out of it, you'll have problems with chain stretch. If you have a man trans k5, you may have the gear equipped 205. Oh, it may or may not have a dana 44 in front and the rear will be a gm corporate diff.
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