Anyone know of a driving event centre that does day events like Ferrari/tank/4x4 driving for a day??

My hubbie is 40 in November and this is what he wants to do for the day, Would be grateful for any info, in England or Wales would be easier places for us to get to, cheers.


What car rental companys can you get a one way rental from?

Anything that you can think of will be on this site.

I want to hire a mini bus for 5 days?

Yes, Mercedes - Benz at Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey.'pnone 08704004000.
It's a fantatic day out,a great family venue.

Does anyone know a good CHEAP company that could ship my small SUV from Florida to New York?

hi there is a place just off the a11 at newmarket that lets you drive tanks 4x4s and loads more visit the website

Escalade or Navigator?

yor local race track may do track days. i got a free flying lesson 4 my 40th dam good day good luck
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