Which is the leading automobile company (four wheeler) in india? plz reply soon?


statistically who drives more sport cars men or women?


Truck-tractors are about 120 feet long and weigh______ times more than a car.?

Maruti Suzuki

sat nav: tom tom one GB advice required..?

Depends on what u value :
if its Sales - Maruti Suzuki
Product range - Tata motors
Innovative - Mahindra & Mahindra
Investor friendly - Mahindra & Mahindra
Global General Motors / Toyota / Ford
desi - Hindustan Motors
Dead - Premier padmini
Dying - Fiat motors
Extrodinary - Mercedes Benz india Ltd.
Stylish - DC Motors
Dependable - Honda Siel
New Entrant - ICML

how do you over come nerves of driving test?

As of Now it is neck to neck between MARUTI UDYOG ltd and TATA MOTORS limited.

Can a dearlership sell me a car with an illegal muffler on it?

It's the Maruti Udyog Limited (MUL)....

What is your favorite car?

The market leader of cars (four-wheelers) is Maruti Udyog Ltd. Because it has more than 50% of the Market share. And so far as production of heavy vehicles are concerned it is Tata Motors. Its a market leader in the range of heavy vehicles.

What website can I find good remote control cars?

Maruti Udyog Limited

Does using "Cruise Control" save on -or- waste fuel?

surely it is MARUTI Udyog.

what to quote for wet grain freight?

Maruthi Udyog is the leading one, with Tata on heels!

Will a 4 barrel get better gas mi than a 2 barrel?

personal/passenger car volume sales - Maruti Suzuki
All put together (including small commercial vehicles) - tata motors
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