A car traveling 20 mph can stop in about 40ft, if the same car was traveling twice as fast,?

it's stopping distance would be roughly 80ft or 160 ft? Thanks!! ;)


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It would be 160 feet. Here's why: kinetic energy is equal to one-half of an object's mass multiplied by the square of it's velocity, which is represented by this equation:

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KE = 1/2 x m x v^2

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So when all other things are equal, when a car is moving twice as fast it has four times as much kinetic energy and would therefore require four times as much distance to stop.

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160ft. Not exactly, but closer to it than 80.

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edit: Sorry, I was going by the formula, y=.6x2+1.1x, which is supposed to compensate for human reaction time, among other factors, and got 140ft. If you're just using the kinetic energy formula, which I suspect is where you got the first distance, then Sarge is right.

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