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We purchased a car back in September of last year in California from a private dealer. The man we bought it from said that he would send us the title, so, unfortunately, we gave him the check and believed him. He is a corrections officer and seemed to be very legit.. Yeah. SEEMED to be. All we had on the car was a temporary tag; no license plates. He said they were in storage and he would send them to us. a month goes by and we move to missouri. We went to get a title here, no go because it was never registered here. We tried to get one from california (where we were living when we purchased the car) same thing. Then we tried tracking down the title with a carfax. We tried calling and getting a title from the last place it was registered but they won't talk to us since we don't have a title so they don't consider us legal owners. The man we purchased it from won't return our calls after he told us now it's our problem, not his, so F# off. Does anyone know how we can get a title?!


What car do you drive and is it any good?

Going to have to get a lawyer involved. Good thing is you did write a check so you have proof of purchase. Sorry to hear about this. If he's a cop you may contact his employer too.
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