Are there any other fuel saving devices like the surbo product?

The surbo is kind of like the tornado only it has a moving turbine inside.Use in automobile intake tubes for better gas mileage


How do i ride the bus?

yes, it's called a bicycle.

Integra gas mileage - why the huge drop?

save your cash, any ram air devices, if they work at all, will reguire the engines air system to be reset, to handle the increases of air fuel mixtures.

Why are there differerent types of streets?

Turdo's don't save gas. They compress the mixed fuel mix and make more power utilizing a richer fuel mixture... not the thing for saveing gas EH!!

What is the price of gasoline in uk?

The EPA, among others, have tested such devices. They have found that NONE of these devices work. Use your money to buy gas.
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