Are parking spots for expectant mother's really necessary?

What about family parking? I park in either one, because frankly there is no actual law about any of them. Therefore, it's still fair game. First come, first serve!


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No, they should just have fat people parking next to the handicap parking spots!

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It would be nice if they had a way to enforce the expectant mother parking!

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i've never heard of parking spots for expectant mothers
fill me in on it
or maybe im clueless

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Family parking i dont think is really necessary..

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expectant mothers i think is OK...
just becuase they get tired and if they walk too much and collapse and lose the baby they could proberly sue the mall for not having a parking space for expectant mothers.

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It is fair game, but it is really rude. There is no law about holding a door open for elderly people either.It's called common courtesy.

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Funny sound from front of chrysler sebring?

Well, I don't even think handicap parking is necessary because the people still have to walk thru the store, don't they? and if they go to some MegaMall or such, what difference is it going to make to park closer to the door? Then they all complain cause they want to be treated equal, how about those of us who aren't handicapped? Welcome to the real world...Losers.

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I don't think they are nessecary they only have expectant mother parking spots just in case the womans water breaks and she needs to rush to the car. I have never heard of a family parking but I think that is really stupid to have family only parkings.
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