About car rental this price deffinately does not seem right, help lol?

soo i want to rent a car just for the day [ im 16 but my dad will be takeing care of everything im just gettin the info on it. ] i called up avis rental it was the only one open on sunday and i asked how much will it cost to rent a car for the day and he told me 22 dollarss !? is that righ !??


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it will cost at least 35 by the time they get done adding fees and taxes

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Plus mileage.

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small compact cars arent that much to rent. However once you get done selecting insurances, and taxes your 22 dollars will be more like 45 to 50

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At age 16, I don't think ANYONE will let you rent a car...

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22 dollars...what were you expecting...free?

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$22, plus tax, insurance, and fees
probably 50, depending on what you need

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go to Avis.com, it is sometimes cheaper and you can find all the options there, the guy at the counter might have thought you were too young and just wanted to get rid of you, or been in a rush, having a bad day... All the info is at Avis.com and they do a good job

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Yea, that sounds about right.

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Make sure you tell your dad to use his Visa or Mastercard card to pay for the car. You won't have to buy the collision damage insurance on the rental because visa and mastercard already cover it when you use their card to make the purchase.

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$22 sounds cheap. Grab that deal! They must give a discount, maybe because it's Sunday.

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Of course there'll be fees on top of that, especially if you need insurance.

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And they may place restrictions on drivers under 25.

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Usually, mileage is unlimited.

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As in £11, right?
That's damn cheap, you should be asking what the catch is.
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