Which is the most comfortable automobile for a very heavy woman?


what means drift?

Lexus RX330

Does a 7.3 liter diesel engine fit in a 1999 Ford expedition?

nissan sentra

at what age can you receive your full driver's license in connecticut?

Big Cadilac, or a big Lincoln.

Would changing your rims from 15" to 22" or vice versa have any negative effects on your transmission?

whithout dought a merc!

Where can I find bearings in an automobile?

a flat bed with a dump! juST KIDDING. try looking for something more your size, like a vw bug or a mini cooper. ok seriously, look at tiny people, they dont drive caddys or lincolns. your best bet is suv. explorers or bigger.

We've all heard about keeping your vehicle windows closed when the a/c is on...?

Give us a hint, how many axe handles across are we talking?
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