Accidentally jumped red light but didn't see flash,what does that mean.shall i be penalised?


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How can you accidentally jump a red light?? IF It was camera monitored you will get a £60 fine and 3 penalty points on your licence. If it was not camera monitored you will be o.k

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Not quite sure how you "accidently" jumped a redlight, but no you will be fine.

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Just because you didn't see a camera flash, doesn't mean you weren't recorded - if you were - you'll be issued with a fixed penalty charge.

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Be more careful next time - it could be me going the other way, on the green !

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dont worry about it, those cameras dont always work and you probably wont get anything from that, if you dont get any letters within 6 months from now then they cant do nothing but let me remind you about the dangers of jumping the lights you put yourself and others at risk..

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it is possible. if there was a monitoring system at the light. it is about a 50 dollar fine. they go after you more if it happened at the end of the month

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no it has to flash twice and it then takes 2 pictures measures the distance between them and then your done so no it has to flash twice

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if you accidentally jumped a red light,how did you know it was red? this is how so many accidents happen by drivers accelerating to get through the lights quicker instead of slowing down in case they change. hope you do get'd have been penalised a hell of a lot more if you'd have knocked down a child,

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only way u gonna get dun is if it had a camera wich it prob didnt so dnt worry

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Assuming you are in the UK, if it was more than 2 weeks ago then you probably won't hear anything now. You must receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution within 14 days of the offence. If you get one, as the registered keeper, then you will be asked to provide details of the driver at the time. The fixed penalty notice will then go to the named driver.
Modern technology means that there won't always be a flash. Some cameras don't flash as they are digital and/or front facing. Some cameras on traffic light junctions record speed offences, as well as red light offences.
It shouldn't be any consolation if you get away with it, as you could have caused a serious accident.
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