Advantages/disadvantages of having a company car?

how much will it cost me in tax


MY car caught on fire...?

It will cost you a percentage of the value of the car based on it's CO2 emissions.

What is the air that comes out of old muscle cars hoods?

So if the car is valued at £20k and it is in the CO2 emission bracket that is taxed at 25% then £5000 will be taken off of your tax code.

How many questions are on the maryland learners permit test?

If you get a very expensive gas guzzler then you will have a negative tax code.

Anyone have any info about the Nissan Quest?

might be better to get a car allowance instead.

Do static cling car decals really stick??

free car/ they'll smell the weed

Nissan Altima 2005?

you got the car free and you penny pinch ref. tax they can't pay you well ask for a company bicycle save yourself the tax
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