Alarm System?


Do I need a license to drive someone to the airport for money?

I want to put an alarm on a Chevy 99 with no power locks. I want to do it myself because they charge to much to install it. Anyways, anyone know if I can do it or do I really need a pro?

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Just want a simple touch-go-off, but if possible, maybe one that starts the car.


What's the difference in all wheel drive and 4 wheel drive and is there a certain way to drive awd ?

if you know anything about car electronics then it will be ok to do yourself the remote start is a little harder but can be done.if you go to ebay (asianwolf store) gives you a diagram for your car to help you install it or bulldog alarms come with a video to help you install it.and if you want to be able to unlock/lock the doors just add door actuators (less than $20)
i bought a remote start alarm from for $100 and was pretty easy to install.

Is the smart car any good?

if you do do the remote start hope its not manual because if you hit that remote start and you have it in gear without the stafey brake on there goes your car BOOM ! lol...why dont you try a kill switch
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