1965 Impala, If U Could, How Much Would U Pay?

If you could afford it, how much would u pay for this car:

What would you call the little pom pom things people hang inside thier car on the inside of the windshield at?

1965 Impala. White.
It was totally renovated 5 years ago. It got a paint job, new engine, and interior work.
All the upkeep on it has been taken care of and all problems have been fixed as soon as they arose. To be honest right now is in the shop to get breaks fixed and new valves.
Just plain white, nothing fancy.


What can i do?

Restored you meant.

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'65? Classic.

Learners permit?

$10k, $15

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or even $20k-$30k

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you have to see a pic of it first before a fair price can be given,,with out a pic i would say a couple thousand

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that's hard to say without seeing a picture, the one u painted sounds good , however if it is all original you might get a good price for it , find a auto trader magazine in your area look for same make and model good luck, don't sell keep for a while longer it will get more value in time ..

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i own a repair shop,and i like those old Chevy's a lot,but it not being a super sport would hurt the sell of it a lot,its still worth around 5-8 thousand bucks ,maybe a little more,depending on how good it was restored,but if it was a super sport,the value would be well in to the teens and maybe around 20 grand,i just sold my old Chevy truck that i restored about 16 years ago for 25 thousand,and i really didn't want to sell it,but i only had about 5 thousand in it,now i see in on e-bay auctions,and its already over 25 thousand,so who knows,but it should sell really good those was good looking cars ,good luck i hope this help,s.
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