Are 150k a lot of miles for a 1996 mitsubishi montero?

i am planning to buy a mitsubishi montero either a 1996 or a 1999...are 150k a lot of miles? also do these suvs have any common problems? thanks


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Well, first get all the info on the vehicle.where's it been, etc.Average 15,000 miles per year travel time (ask your auto insurance person ,this may vary in your state) and get a professional mechanis to check out the transmission and engine...Linkage will be important on this vehicle cause the mileage that you're talking about indicates that the linkage ,& the serpantine beltboth need service...Remember that working on this little guy isn't like working on dads old 55 Chevy...
Check the vehicle out .I own a 99 Montero that had low mileage when I purchased it only to find out that I had to put in a new transmission shortly after the 68,000 miles..Yeah I got a good deal. Your high mileage bothers me's gonna be expensive to fix and you may be able to find something better being that people are unloading their SUVs.

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I am satisfied with mine, theres a little wobble in the front end around 60 mph..But it's ok.Gets me to the places I go sand and wind surfing.

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Gas is ok.. Just check yours out...

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that is a little high...but not bad. your still looking at about 4000-6000 dollars dependent on condition.

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no clue about consumer reports bro...
try googling consumer reports montero should give a couple of good ones.

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but the high resale value would lead me to believe that they are desirable.

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high for a 99 but i have a 97 ram with 199,597 on it n still goin strong so miles don't always tell the whole story.

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all i can say is NO dont buy it man, im surprised a montero got all the way up to 150k! these old school monteros give people a lot of problems, my uncle had a 95 with 94k he bought it 2 years ago, it gave em so many problems he sold it 6 months later. 150k is a lot of miles for a mistubishi montero, if it was a honda accord ,civic or like a toyota camry , corolla or somethin then it would be been ok , go get somethin else with less miles man

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150k miles are a lot of miles for any vehicle.
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