What do you think of the newer Smart Car for the US?

They say these 1000cc ones will have 40mpg. But bigger hybrids get that or better. Is this car doomed to failure? They should leave it alone. The 700cc version gets about 70mpg. I know a friend that has one and took me for a ride in it. Kinda neat.

Is Toyota an American Hoax?

I don't understand the huge difference in mpg with 300cc.
Any comments?


Does any one know the weight of a gallon of gasoline?

ive seen that 40 MPG number in several places, but everywhere in europe the cars get 70+ mpg. I think it is incorrect.

Where is the gas cap opener on a 1906 Model T?

and theyre cool little cars. Very nice if you never have to go very far.

Why area tent trailers priced so ridiculous?

If you are a cheerleader maybe they are cool, or if you live some where where you are not going to need to get on the freeway. I mean look at it it is a jellybean. And if you get hit by anything bigger than a KIA you will get killed. Ya get rear ended by a Expedition in one of those or tboned by a lifted 70's bronco or some other large car!!!

Car question?

Sour grapes ??
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