Are manual shift cars better on gas than automatics, and are they cheaper insurance wise?


Which is more?

Better on gas, insurance no dif

Permit test?!?

Most of them have higher MPG ratings, but those ratings are obtained by professional drivers. And I don't think the transmission type has any bearing at all on insurance rates.

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Yes, they are better on gas. Never heard about insurance difference, though.

Driving Test?

Manual shifts are better on gas mileage because with an automatic there is much added weight to the for insurance, I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think there would be any difference in the insurance rates...

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simple cheaper on insurance, because a manual is alot cheaper to replace. And IF you are good at driving a stick you can select a lower gear to drive in thus, reducing how fast the engine has to spin, and directly reduce how much fuel you consume.

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If they are shifted properly, they are better on gas because they are more efficient internally. Less oil to move and to pump, and they weigh less. But if continually shifted too soon, (lugged), or too late, (over-rev-ed), they are worse. No difference on insurance.

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Anymore I would say that the automatics are pretty close to the manuals. There have been improvements in the transmissions with the lock up torque converters

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The insurance doesn't matter, so it's a question of do you want to shift gears or not. I did when I was a kid, now that I have some mileage on the old body, I'd just as soon have the automatic and not have to bother with the gears.
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