Which one is better? FR car or FF car? if one of this is better why create the another one?


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I have to say I like my MR. But than again I love my Mustnag that's FR.

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I don't know what you mean by FR and FF, but you could use the same argument for alot of things. Why is there a Burger King when McDonalds has been making burgers just fine for years?

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Why did Pepsi have to come on the scene when Coca-Cola was a good product?

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Sprint and Verizon were doing just fine and then Cingular had to show up. Why did the even offer a product when these two companies already had good products?

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Think about what I've written and then rethink your question. I think you really want to know the differences in in drivetrain technologies or configurations, but I think you need to be a bit more descriptive and specific.

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FF (Front engined, Front wheel drive) cars are cheaper to make and therefore quite popular amongst car manufacturers.

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However, they are usually front heavy, creating understeer at the limit, which is safe, but not considered to be "fun".

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If the FF car in question has a powerful engine, asking the front wheels to handle both steering and power also creates torque steer (the car turning one way by itself under hard acceleration).

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However, modern FF cars such as the Volkswagen Golf GTI have little to no torque steer with 200bhp going through the front wheel and are known to be great fun to drive.

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FR cars (Front engined, Rear wheel drive) cars are more expensive to make.

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Engine can be mounted further back for better weight distribution, hence generally better handling and there is no torque steer problem.

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Most modern FR cars are designed to understeer at the limit, as it is safer than oversteer, but it can be adjusted by either giving it less gas so the car will full back into line or giving it more, breaking traction at the rear to create oversteer to counter the understeer.

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There are also four wheel drive, with power going through all four wheels, which helps put the power down and keep the grip level high.

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Engine is also not limited to being mounted at the front, it could be located at the middle or (in rare cases) back of the car. Mid-engined cars have the best weight distribution and is the setup most supercars adopt.

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So there you are, FF is cheaper to make, FR is better to drive.
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