Anybody have trouble with gas cans that have collapsable spouts?

I'd sure like to meet the idiot who invented that idea and kick his @$$. I bought a 6 gal. can just in case I needed to put it in the tank of the car (nearest gas station is 25 miles away) during the snow season. The spout on the can always collapses when it makes contact with the opening. Therefore, spilling gas all over and making a mess.

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The gas can I bought is shaped in such a way that when it gets down to almost a gallon or so, I have to tip the can completely upside down to get the rest out.


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must also be a ventless type, i to would like to kick someones *** for that wonderful idea, what was wrong with the old gas cans that worked wonderful? hmm always gotta come up with new crap!

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Solve your problem and buy a funnel! wont take up much room and wlil save you the mess and agravation!

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i feel your pain, probably one of those bold moves...

Can anyone tell me what is producing that sound in the engine?

Good Luck,
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