"American cars are knowen for not being the best."?

Out of all the American car companies whats the best? What American auto maker puts out a good quality car? That will last a long time, and be able to put on the miles?
From your personal experiance whats the best. Chevy, ford, or Dodge?


Which is best: Camry, Corolla, Accord, Civic?

I don't know, ALL the newer cars seem to be all the same, all electronic everything, even diesels now. If even one of the electronic things break, it will cost you a fortune to fix. I have 2 chevys; a 1986 6.2L diesel 2500VAN(no engine electronics, ALL mechanical) with a few hundren thousand miles on it and a 1993 5.7L350V8( little engine electronics) gasoline 2500Van with 260,000 miles on it. Both vehicles run great.

Has anyone ever made a dodge daytona v8 rwd?

For new, I would have to say Ford. They finally woke up and made most of their newer cars more reliable. Look at the Fusion. Better reliability than the Toyota Camry! Never thought that could be said of an American car, but it has. Five Hundred is better than Avalon. Freestyle is better than Highlander. Trucks and SUVs have a ways to go yet to beat the Japanese, but they're working on it.
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