After a car wreck do I contact the other person's insurance company to get my vehicle repaired?

The other driver was at fault and was issued a citation by the police officer. My car is not drivable and needs to be towed and repaired. Now I have no means of transportation.


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First you need to call you insurance company to tell them about the wreck. And give them the other guys info. Then your insurance will contact his and get back to you.

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You should contact your insurance co. right away. They will want a copy of the police report with the other drivers info and insurance info. They should handle the paperwork for you and get you a rental from the other insurance.

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You make your claim with your insurance company, they will claim the other drivers insurance company. Many policies carry a rental allowance, ask your agent.

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Get on the phone and call your insurance co. They will take care of everything, hopefully. Tell them you need a car right away and they will direct you to a rental co. that they deal with.
Sorry to hear about the wreck. Good luck.

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i own a shop and do some insurance work also,you need to have someone from your insurance company call them and talk to them,your insurance should handle getting all of this straitened out,that's what you pay them for,there supposed to help you get all this taken care of,so get in touch with them first on this,good luck i hope this helps.

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contact your insurance co. they will obtain the police report and that should have the other drivers insurance co. that is how it works in Michigan(NO FAULT) your state may be different. if you get a copy at the police department you should be able to get all the info from may just have to sue the individual that hit you then let them deal with there insurance co. it all maters on which state you live in good luck

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You call your insurance company and give them the other drivers info.

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Just like everyone else has stated, you contact your insurance company and they will handle things for you . You DO NOT have any business relationship with the other parties insurance company.

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If you do not have insurance, your remedy would be to file a lawsuit against the other driver, and the registered owner of the vehicle they were driving. At that time their insurance carrier would either settle with you, or would defend them in the lawsuit.
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