Are the headlights of a car suppsed to be at the same brightness and angle on both sides? If no, why?


How can i avoid vomiting while travelling in hill station?

yes they are sound like you need to got the shop and have them adjust them

How can i possibly put a chain saw engine onto a bicycle?

Yes they are.

Need info on a tire brand, "Turnpike"?

i own a shop,and people usually have the right side set lower so they can see the edge of the road a lot better it does help ,to do this ,,most alignment shops have the needed stuff to do it with,but i always use the 25 foot method,just get them to where you have good vision at 25 foot in front of you on dim,and aim them kind of even except for the right side,you might have to play around with them a little ,but this method works pretty good,hope this help,s.

My truck is a Flex flue vehicle. ive only used gasoline but want to use E85. Can i mix gasoline with E85?


What is better AUTO CHECK or CARFAX,apparently AUTO CHECK has more records (18) CARFAX only (10)?

Yes get them ajusted, so you won't be a hazard to on coming traffic..

Numbe plate buying?

low beams are usually set so the light is stronger on the right side of the car. This means you dont blind oncoming drivers with your lights and you get a good view of the right edge of the road.

Gas prices are outrageous..?

High beams are normally straighter.

Catalytic Convertor...?

There should be an alignment guide in the workshop manual.
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