Who are the best drivers men or women and why ?


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Neither, the divisor is common sense and who has the most :)

Why do people with SUV's go over speed bumps slowly and carefully, then jump curbs when it suits them?

depends on age, nationality

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Tricky. women get lower insurance because they have less accidents. this is because women have a lot more nerves joining the two sides of their brains than men so when they are driving they see more potential accident situations because they are thinking on a wider basis. Men tend to think with one side of the brain so can judge angles and speeds more accurately. So men make better racing drivers. So men are better drivers when it comes to taking corners quicker etc. but women are better drivers when anticipating possible accidents

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as the last answer stated.. depends on age and nationality...but im from vancouver and lately ive noticed that the women age 18 and up have been grtting increasingly aggressive...speeding, changing lanes without turn signals, eating talking and driving all at the same time...scary to think that these are the people that take our kids to school...lol

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Lets just say I would prefer to be driven in a car by my brother- in -law rather than my sister!
Does that answer your question?
My dad once told someone that his daughter (yes, the sister in question) drives at 50mph, the guy said to my dad that wasn't too fast, "Yes I know", replied my dad , "but that" s in reverse!", And he wasn't joking!!

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men are best drivers. women are very few exceptions..why? because men are more brave,more accurate,more able to evaluate distances..men are more professional in almost all issues..a big sorry for all ladies..

What car do you suggest for a everday driver but still fast when i need it?

women of course, silly! just not old people though, dont they know that the point of driving is to get you there FASTER!

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I hate the sex debate.... both sexes have pros and cons, just cos you are a specific sex doesn't mean you are better or worse than the other..... i think there are certain traits that a gender has but it doesn't mean all are the same.. for example men are suppose to be better at map reading, something to do with mental orientation of the map, but i know loads of blokes who are crap with a map. and if cooking is suppose to be for women, how come last week my car was service my a female mechanic and i ate in a restaurant with a male chef...

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as for driving..... its rubbish you get good and bad drivers in both sex.... i think its proven that men are more likely to have faster crashes and women to have slower crashes.. but that doesn't make one sex safer than the other... and i think that these day that's the exception rather than the rule... I don't think women only insurance agencies will be around for long as accident rate equal.

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I think that women are safer drivers, but men are more skillful drivers. It's been scientifically proved that men get more fun out of risk-taking.

What was it?

men.women don't have as good depth perception as men .its why they have such trouble parking!

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It really does not matter. There are good and bad drivers from either sexes. The skill of driving purely depends on the driver him/herself.

R u amazed at how the mildest 'wouldnt hurt a fly' person turns into a raging psycho when behind the wheel?

Men have more accidents but also drive much more miles. So men have fewer accidents per mile and women have fewer per year.

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I can only name two female drivers from international motor sport, Michelle Mouton and Danika Patrick. How many top class male drivers would you like me to name? Ten? A hundred? A thousand? It can't all be down to sexism.

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The contention that women's brains are wired together better and thus they can perceive more potential dangers is garbage. Men have better spacial skills, it's a large and measureable difference and it makes a lot of difference in driving. Women are better at talking about things, men are better at doing them.

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Women are better than men at a lot of things, driving isn't one of them.

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There are very good women drivers, but the best men are better than the best women and the average man is better than an average woman. A good woman is better than an average man.

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And everybody thinks they are good.

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The question is really getting old now and boring

does anyone know how many six litre daimler double six models were made between 1994 and 1997?

Men are more confident on the road which makes them cocky and think they are better but women are to nervous and hesitant which makes them the worse drivers (just my opinion)
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