About how much money does it take to drive 5 miles in a car?


Mounting a flag in the bed of my truck?

depends on the driver and the car and the weather and the wind but if its say a v8 cold out side and u warm it up about 5 bucks

What is the 'overdrive' button that appears in the car?

just gasoline.. appx $0.12 a mile

Why is it that when u look at the wheels of a moving car (forwards) they look like they r going backwards?

Add insurance, depreciation of the car and maintenance costs..

Which car??

Appx $0.45 a mile

I need a car shade extender while I drive, any suggestions?

5 miles.. appx $2.25

How many sq.ft. in the average size parking space?

If you had to hire a cab... $22.50

What rental car places let you rental under the age of 25?

varies according to car make model condition and how heavy your right foot is:) !
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