Any advertising ideas for this new car invention?

So i have to give a speech for a communication class i am taking. My speech is about advertising a new invention of some sort. The invention is a car which will come to you. For example, if you are shopping at a mall, the car will drive from the parking lot to pick you up. It's kind of like those new cars that park themselves. I have absolutely NO background in i was wondering if anyone had ideas. Input on how to set up my speech would be even better!


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Go to the book store and buy or quickly look through a sales book. They have tons of them on the market. That will give you some current ideas.

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Sorry to say this, but there's nothing new about the idea.
People have been trying to create artificial intelligence for years now, and not really succeeded to the level you would need for this project.

Old honda portal, i mean old version of honda website?

But that doesn't matter, because it's not what you are being tested on. Real speeches on new inventions would generally involve a demonstration by a prototype (live or by video), and the reasons it is so great/will make such a difference.

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There would also probably be a brief description of the fundamental principle it works on (In your case it could be that an onboard computer controls the car using cameras as sensors).

Why is there not an electric car? with the constantly increasing gasoline prices and that seems to be logical.

Remember to say everything three times, once in the intro, once in the main body, and once in the conclusion.
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