If road charging comes in at a £1.00 a mile, will you be better or worse off?


I need help?

No offense - but how could I be BETTER off?

will cold weather give my car more hp?

I pay tax to buy my car, tax (70%) on my fuel, vehicle excise duty (road tax) for the priveledge of owning it..and now they want to charge me to use the *&(^^(^(*^ing roads!!

what are the types of cars on the movie "cars"?

Imagine. In the UK - the average car does 10 to 12 thousand miles a year....some people have wages below that....

If I fail a DMV written test in CA, can I take it again the next day?

welcome to the stone age...well done New Labour, well done.

How long does an ECU for an Automatic car last? Does it depend on the mileage?

neither i live in spain but its ful of toll roads

car keeps burning up the ignition coil. what causes this on a 95 cadillac sedan deville?

Well i am a taxi driver and i do about 221 miles a day i work 5 days thats 1105 miles a week and i earn about £600.00 a week so the goverment will have to keep me for what i owe

Mercedes M class (SUV).. would it be a cool for a 21 yr old girl?

Are you for real!Of course you will be worse off.If you live in the country and have to travel to work like me,at £1 a mile that works out at about £20 a day or £4000 a year

I am looking for junk cars, metal, etc. in central oklahoma to haul off.?

we'll all be worse off, of course, because cars are essential transport in the suburbs. Public transport is not effective, the schedule is full of holes and the price is too high. If you want to take people out of their cars, you have to put in a wider network of buses and trains, and more of them, at cheaper prices. The politicians, who live in London and use the tube, don't recognise the problems of workers who live 20 miles from the centre, using tube, rail and bus to get door to door. If they were based in Bromley, say, and had to travel to London every day then we would see enormous improvements in rail and bus services and a drop in price ...!

What do you consider fast?

yep definatly, when I rive through to see my kids at the weekend it would cost me £160. I would therefore be better getting three different trains and taking 3 hours there and three hours back. waste of a day when I can drive there in a little under an hour and a half

What is the QE2?

I certainly will it will cost me £80 a week that's £ 4160 a year !

Where in Canada, preferably in Ontario, can I buy ready made Rear Window Graphics for trucks?

Worse off. By far.

What website can I find good remote control cars?

This is a retrogressive tax, which does nothing to address the main issue - carbon emissions and global warming. Your carbon footprint is directly related to how much fuel you use, and NOT just your mileage. Drivers of big gas guzzlers will not pay more, there is no incentive to change your driving style to improve fuel consumption.
Unless you live in London, public transport is a patchy joke at the best of times. Up here in the stix, there are 4 buses a day, 2 of which are already packed with schoolkids.

Why does it always seems faster coming back from a drive than going on a trip?

How will 'they' know how far you have driven? Well, by making it compulsory to have a GPS driven electronic spy in your car.
This is an invasion of our privacy, and yet another chip away at our rights of freedom. Had this been suggested in any of the european countries, we would be experiencing some sort of national strike. But seeing as this is the UK, we will all lie back and accept it.
I quake at the thought of not being able to go for a quiet drive in the country without someone somewhere knowing about it.

any Car creator websites?

And of course foreign cars and lorries will not be charged, they will just benefit from the reduction in fuel excise duty.

What does it mean by clean driving record when applying for a job in Massachusetts?

Sorry to say, but the hated fuel tax is the best way to change behaviour in a greenish direction. Perhaps businesses could recruit people who live nearby, ending the common 70-90 mile daily commute.

wat was the car in the movie gone in sixty seconds with nicholas cage...the car at the end of the movie?

Never mind how much more expensive running your own car will be, how much extra will it cost the road hauliers?

why do speedmeters on cars go up to speeds that are completely illegal?

Think of all the Tesco trucks, Sainsbury trucks, Shell tankers, BP tankers, brewery drays, car tansporters, etc, etc, that will be charged £1 per mile. To deliver your groceries, petrol/diesel, beer, new car, or whatever.

I'm considering buying a 2003 Dodge Caravan...?

They won't absorb the cost - they will, quite rightly, pass it on to YOU, the consumer. Therefore, just about everything you buy will cost more. This is because 99% of all purchased goods and products travel by road at some point.

who like me doesn't know how to pump gas?

Road pricing is a very, very bad idea...

What is the difference between a cars trade-in value and a cars retail value?

Obviously worse off,car drivers are paying enough as it is

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Every body would be worse off fuel prices might drop, but everything else would increase in price, mars bars would cost about £2 due to increased haulage costs and delivery costs going through the roof, and there's no way i would except anybody putting a permanent tracking device in any of my vehicles, plus it would cost me personally £138 per week to take my kids to see their mother, this is more than my weekly available income, the only people who would be able to afford this sort of cost are the very rich, everybody else would have to struggle, would you be better off ?

dont date him?

I sell my car
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