36V golf cart Cigarette socket?

Hi, I have a 36V golf cart and want to know how to wire a 12V cigarette lighter socket into my cart. If anyone can help me or give me some links to this will be great Thanks.


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There are 3 or 6 batteries in your golf cart, right?

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The battery you should use is the battery with the negative terminal connected to the frame or chassis. DO NOT use any other battery, as the case or outside of the cigarette lighter socket will be at ground potential. (This could short out one or more of your batteries, causing a fire).

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I strongly suggest using a multimeter to verify the proper battery.

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Simply connect the negative (black) wire of the lighter socket to the negative terminal to the battery, (as noted above) and the positive (red) wire to the positive terminal of the SAME battery.

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You are welcome to e-mail me if you have *any* questions.

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~ Mitch ~

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Thank you Fordman!
I was going to mention using a fuse, but forgot as I was caught up in trying to describe the correct battery. Hopefully, the lighter socket kit provides a fuse also.

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Good luck Najojo.

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Mitch, gave you a good answer. I would also suggest putting an in-line fuse 10-15A to the positive feed of your cigarette lighter.

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nice response!!
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