Car insurance?

anyone no of places that do cheap car insurance for new drivers (i'll be 17 in january) oh by the way im in the UK!


Wht are the documents required to drive a car and bike in india ?from where can i get them and how much cost?

My daughter was 17 last Month and all the websites I went on wouldn't allow me to get quotes until she had her birthday so Iied about her age just to get a general idea on cost. Once she was 17 I could then buy the insurance.

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I went on:

a spoiler? or is it com?

u.k. driving law ? towing trailer ?

I was able to get a really good deal from insure and go.

why does a gallon of gasoline always have 9/10 if a cent at the end of the price?

Tesco's do good insurance for young and first time drivers.

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As has been posted Tesco's is a good place to start.
The way I did it was to call round until I found the best price. That is the best way to save money, if you ask me, that and not having a car in one of the higher insurance classifications.
I wish you fun hunting about. Don't be afaid to ask all the questions you like.
It is the people's line of work to help you.

Does anyone have any Web address' for Online part interchange info for GM cars and trucks?

Try bab, they are good at searching out the cheapest insurers for u!

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paralell parking tips??

what is the break down maintenance in automobile?

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Theres 5 for you to look at

what is a Class A commercial drivers licence?

Try direct line,they are fairly good

i want to travel from delhi to mumbai by road through coaches. from where i can get them . price of ticket?

sheila,s wheels.

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just try any company, i had trouble with getting cheap car insurance. if u r looking to get insuranced on a nice car with a decent engine, than it will be LOADS, like at least £900, even for a small engine, good luck. iam 20 yrs old, and still dont want to pay insurance, i dont have a car either obviously. way too expensive. i ahve tried every company. iam going to wait till am 21, it starts dropping evry year so. good luck! lol

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HI just look through the yellow pages or Internet some companies have good deals for young Female drivers

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Try or, compares quotes from lots of insurers. Or why not put her as a named driver on another policy for a while, as more insurers are taking named driver experience into consideration now. Also there is Pass Plus, a few extra lessons which could knock £££s off her premium.

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i just got my daughter on at swintons. i did go on they wernt too bad.but im already with swintons so it wasnt much diferent in price they found a quote it was still nearly £800.for a son went on his dads that was still just over £800. it seems to be dearer for lads. i feel sorry for young uns it is disgusting what you get charged. good luck.

why are hunchback cars called this way? and both check lots of insurers to find you the cheapest deal. I passed 2 weeks ago and tho I am double your age (!) I got a great deal with kwik fit insurance, through The quotes from other companies varied by two thousand pounds and that was from allegedly cheaper ones such as Hastings, Tesco and Diamond! It does pay to shop around tho so check out as many as you can. I think those two sites pretty much cover most of the insurance market tho. If you do a Pass Plus course as well it can cut your insurance by up to £300. 65% of insurers give a discount for it. Good luck and enjoy learning - oh and by the way, I found a female instructor far better x x

Do you know about farm-o-roads?

try admiral thats where i went and i was a first time buyer, the cheapest i could find

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I past my driving test in june. I am with diamond car insurance which is £75 a month thats very cheap for first time drivers. I suggest you do a pass plus course like i did, that makes your car insurance much cheaper.

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