Am i crazy and will this work?

Hi everybody how are you doing?

If you could own ANY vehicle available today? Which would it be?

so some of my friends told my i waz nutz trying to buy a go kart/dune buggie frame and putting a v6 car engine in it. will this work? am i nutz? the only reson is so i can supercarge it.

Best way to launch your car at the drag strip?

Mr. J


Jet Wash in Beckenham/Bromley?

if your going to put it in a buggy for like off road use yes it will work ..i took a v8 out of a ford thunderbird and put it into a 4 seat buggy and go out to the dunes all the time ..

What do you guys think of the Obvio cars?

maybe... you never know

How can u prevent ur manual transm. car from moving backward from a full stop during an uphill climb?

Yes, you're crazy. Put an engine on it and do what? Roll it around in your shop? If you mean drive it or race it, no.

Why are japanesse cars so dominate compared to american cars ?

A dune buggy maybe, but a gokart? Are we talking a kit car here? Are you planning on driving this on the road? You may have a hard time getting it licensed. But whatever floats your boat. Go for it.

What is the largest size rim/tire i can put on my pt cruiser?

Sounds like you have a lot of free time on your hands and more money than you know what to do with! If that's the case, just write me a check and send it over! I have some good causes I could put it to use for!

Have ever been at a red light and a car beside you has spinners & you hit the acclerator?

Anything is possible with enough time and money. I've seen a guy drop a 500cid Caddilac engine/transmission combination into an original Mini, the only original part was the shell of the vehilce, the fire wall was moved to where the back of the front seats should have been, and the front seats were moved to the back. He spent about $13000 on it and everything included (vehicle price included) and it works and drives. Theres no reason you can't put a V6 onto a go-cart or dune buggy.

Automobile market size?

I'm equally crazy, I'm dropping a 450RWHP 302 with mated 5 speed originally out of a Mustang and 3.73 gears and rear discs into my 1989 Ranger.

Why there is many cars horning in a slow moving multi-5storey carpark at Blk 120A Toa Payoh Lorong 2 in a day?

if you have the money, you can make anything work. people have motorcycles with v8's an v10's in them, your buddies think your nuts and retarded now but once you build this monster everyone will think it's the coolest thing on the planet. go for it!

Next step after car crash?

Did you think about proper suspension, brakes, steering, and body stiffness to match your new engine? If you did - you are fine, just go for it. If you did not, natural selection will take care of you.

Why must the car be lowered slowly with the floor jack?

Unless you have a death wish you better refrain from automotive engineering until after high school.

Forza motorsport showdown.?

A go kart?

What do you think of a Dodge Nitro?

If you really feel comfortable with a tonne of hot metal sitting behind your head as you hurtle around in the mud, then why not?

How many miles are in a hour?

There is absolutely no way the go kart will be able to handle the amount of power that the engine kicks out.

Can you drive a car 6 hours if it needs a new wheel bearing and ball joint?

You'll probably completely screw the chassis too.

What is the best car for a short person to drive? I'm 4' 11" and have long enough legs, but have a short body

It really depends on the terrain, weather, weight and Tyre's as to weather or not it will work!
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