Does any one know what to do if you have lost your learners permit ?

I live in Massacusetts and i dont know if it matter what state you live in or anything but i lost my learners permit and i dont know whether i should go back to the RMV or if i have to pay a fine or anything. Please let me know ASAP! Thanks!!


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I would go back to the Department of Motor vehicles (or whatever it is called in your state) and they should be able to print you a new one. There may be a small replacement fee but it shouldn't be too much. Here is the website:

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Maybe you could use this as an excuse to buy a supercute new purse to carry your permit in :-)
Good luck!


You'll have to go to the DMV and get a new one. At least that's the rule in NYS. It might cost like $10.

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In Wisconsin you just go get another, but you have to pay a fee (not a fine).

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just go to the dmv and get another...probly cost like 10 bucks...

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Just go pick up a replacement permit. Probably a $15.00 fee but there's shouldn't be a fine or anything. Nothing to it!

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You go get another one at the DMV. You might have to pay a fine. Plan on it.

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Physically lost it? Like misplaced it someplace? if so, should be able to go back to MV and have them issue another "piece of paper". You are in their computers.

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Apply for another. Basically you will start over. No fine, but it will cost you what it cost you first time. And then DON'T lose it again.
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