Hummers, what are they?

Are the hummers cool, the ultimate soccer mom mobile, or just another name of a BJ?


What are those things called that you use to drive your car up on so that you can change your oil at home?

The H1 is the closest thing to the military issue, and it's a super bad off road machine. It's the one that looks bad to the bone, and you've seen it on CNN or Fox News as it's the vehicle all the soldiers and reporters are driving around in in Iraq. They cost about $100k and are worth every single penny.

In texas will they pass your car inspection if your handbrake does not work but everything else does?

The H2 is the one you see all over the road. It is built on the Tahoe platform with numerous upgrades. It is, by and large, a status only vehicle that morons think they are safer for driving, simply because it's big and heavy. What they don't realize, is that the roll-over probabilty completely negates ALL safety gains from being in a heavier vehicle.

Why are American cars inferior to foreign cars?

It's essentlaly a $60k Tahoe, and I have dubbed it the "Wanna-Hummer".

Help...I need this for school today!?

The H3 is the latest rendetion, and is smaller than the H2. It is, complete garbage. There is virtually zero room inside, the 5 cylender engine is anemic, and it's offroad prowess is questionable when compared to the other vehicles in it's class: FJ Cruiser and Nissan Xterra. Both of which offer FAR more vehicle for less dough.

is there a free site to find the owner of a car if you have Lic. plate?

I have dubbed the H3 the "Ghummer", short for the "Gay-Hummer". The ONLY people that buy this are the ones that wanted an H2, but couldn't afford it, so they instead bought something that looked tough, but is incapable of doing much of anything.

BMW X5 or Defender,which car rocks when it comes to offroad capability?

And the term "hummer" is also a slang term for getting a blo-job.

How much time do we have to wait for the water engine? Cars that run with water not gas.?


Guys: have you ever been stopped by a female cop who proceeded to make out with you in your car?


Does anyone know where I can find a rear view mirror for a 66 Fury?

They are a civlian version of a military vehicle. My son had to get a special licence to drive a real Hum-Vee when he was in the Marines. OOOHRAH! The civilian version is for wanna-bes.
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