Any truckers out there?

I am looking into trucking schools and trucking companies as well. I hope to go long haul in the next 3 months. Any feedback on either U.S. Truck Driving School or Swift Transportation?


Whens the best time 2 learn how 2 drive?

Been long hauling for almost 30 years. Swift has a reputation that is less than stellar in the promises made, and not kept department. One single strand of info that you need to follow is, you get what you pay for. I am a Certified Driver Trainer, and the level of expertise and skill sets provided by most schools are the bare minimum at best. Not to say that good schools aren't out there, but be very wary of schools that advertise things that seem too good to be true. Minimum 6-8 weeks training, and around $3,000 should get you started in a reputable program. It's an investment in your future, and should be respected as such. Great money to be made in the industry for a "true Professional". If you are not fully committed to the lifestyle, please don't waste your money. It's not the career for everyone, despite what some companies may tell you. Feel free to e-mail me for any help you may require. I am committed to returning the dignity to the industry that once existed.

Is it easy to be approved for a "car care one" credit card?

J. B. Hunt needs you... after you graduate from either school.

Plastic Wrapping Cars for Joke?

I might check out millis in ohio they have a real ggod training program and they haul beer for only two accounts . Look into good luck. They seem to have a great training program . Stay away from Swift.
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