"Get Any Closer And I'll Flip a Booger Your Way," the famous bumper sticker.?

Was this an early version of what we today call "Road Rage." And have you ever seen anyone actually carry out the threat?


Why aren't radio antennas inside of front windows any more?

Very interesting...depending on what a person has been sticking up your nose, bieng a father of a 6 year old, I have never seen a booger break any windows, bones, or car windshields when flung at a high rate of speed.

I need help with the last sentence of my speech about cars...PLEASE help me!!?

If thats all we have to worry about as far as road rage, then by all means flick away.

Anyone else excited for Waterfest 2007?

You are thinking too much.

Does anyone know what motor the 98' C5 corvette has? and what the standard horsepower is for it?

A bumper sticker is your idea of "road rage"?

Missouri car laws...?


Just wondering if anyone can beat my record for totaling their first car. Mines 2 weeks.?

When I am driving down the road and I see a booger picker, I wait until I am next to them, then I roll down the window and yell, "Eat it!" at them!
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