1997 Jetta 84k for 5800. or 1998 Honda Civic HX?

Which is better? Which is easier to maintain? I'm looking at the Honda tomorrow any thoughts would be very helpful Thanks in advance!


Does anyone know were i can find vehicle sales charts?

VW - even according to forbes magazine - is one of 4 worst brands. Honda, according to everybody (except jd power which is full of it) - the best car ever made. Any other doubts?

My co worker was on her way to work and got into a car accident.. it the company liable?

Consumer Report say Honda is the best. Also, easier to work on

Do cars ever sell for more than private party value on ebay? Or is the seller bidding anonymously?

Honda is much more reliable and much easier to work on. ALso the parts cost a lot less. The VW will be a bit more refined, but Hondas are very well engineered and built cars.
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