A bolt on a car engine is to be tightened with a torque of 35 Newton meters?

If you have a 25 cm long wrench, what force should you exert?
1.4 N
1.4 x 102 N
8.8 N
8.8 x 10-1 N

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Can you help me


How much does an average limousine cost for hire, for one evening, in london?

Well, lets see, that's 35 newton meters, which is equal to roughly 47.5 foot-pounds.

Where is the caravan park close to stouport on seven?

So you would have to exert enough energy to make your torque wrench reach either setting.

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Without a torque wrench, it's 2 grunts and a groan to get as close as possible. (each grunt equals 20 foot pounds, or two groans. Each groan is equal to 10 foot pounds) You must grunt or groan as you are turning the wrench, not before or after as that will throw off the torque specs of your calibrated elbow.

Can anyone help me w/ this VIN check?JA3AH86C26U043431, I can give out some Northwest Ariline conpon in return

Seriously, use a torque wrench to make sure it's right. Too tight and it can break the bolt or whatever you're tightening it into. Too loose and the bolt can come out.

Hella 500 Fog Lights?

i can help you.

Engine module?

25 lbs.

95 Ford Tarus. Overdrive. Will it help or hurt? Does it eat more gas? Is it good for the car? Purpose of it?

looks like 117 newtons to me, at the end of a 25 cm wrench

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When parking a manual transmission car(stick) do I first put it in neutral?

in america we would say "25 lbs on the end of a 1 foot wrench"

Can i use a power inverter in my truck to run a 4 hp air compressor??

no we wouldnt we would say "25 ftlbs"

Driving Question?

Unfortunately, I can't. I'd just twist the sucker until it was good and tight. I have no use for any number of Newton meters, or any kind of meters for that matter, especially parking meters when I have no change.

How could one use mass transportion from iowa city to Chicago?

140 N * 25cm*1M/100cm = 35 N-M

Have a jeep how do i?

140 N is the answer!

How many stoplights are there in the entire USA?

Ahh...why don't you just use a torque wrench and set it to 35NM?

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I did a double take at this.
A newton meter is a meter for measureing newtons with.
A newton metre is a unit of work.

Why dont they sell ford expeditions, caddy escalades and chevy tahoes in australia?

I failed newton
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